Not off the rack

Founded in 2005 by Managing Director Andre Jenkel, tooldriver Software GmbH advises clients in the steel branch as well as in the field of medical technology. We analyse problems in the process chain and develop perfect-fit solutions.

Years of experience have allowed Andre Jenkel to acquire a clear understanding of his work: he does not look for tools, but for complete solutions.

“We accompany our clients every work step of the way. When we look for solutions for a client, we want to start by understanding the whole problem. We are not satisfied with offering just one tool, because improvements, which the client may not have seen initially even though they would make the work significantly lighter, become evident when analysing all the processes. We see our self-confident contribution to a collaborative partnership with our clients, suppliers and contractors, as benefiting all parties; and we’re sure that that is the only way that a project can be successful in the long term.”

Andre Jenkel, Grad. Eng. Process Engineering, born in 1964, has experience working in the steel branch since 1983. The engineer has carried out a diversity of technical projects, such as automatisations and other technical software solutions for electro-steel works and, above all, steel mills, and has started up technical systems all over Europe, Asia and North America.

In the medical technology branch, Jenkel has been developing and installing technical systems for over five years, in, for example, proton radiation and in laser-assisted patient positioning.

Since 2005, tooldriver Software GmbH has been working above all as a supplier. To be successful finding solutions has motivated Managing Director Andre Jenkel to also present himself as a consultant as of 2017. His areas of expertise are optical and laser-based measuring systems.

Managing Director Grad. Eng. Andre Jenkel
Managing Director Grad. Eng. Andre Jenkel