Together in Steel Industry 4.0

To improve and to document the quality, to increase the production output: these are the requirements for the on-going improvement of production at steel mills and plants.
The process of digitisation adds further demands: production arrangements in accordance with Industry 4.0, linking up the data and creating a digital twin.
These new requirements also need to be tackled.

We support you by helping you turn requirements into action.

Our consultants analyse the problem with you, and we create the software to solve it, because it is individually tailored to your facility. Our measuring systems in the hot material area are as applicable as in Quality Assurance. We offer special, individual solutions for each plant with laser measuring systems, light section or special machines. We also ensure that the data is automatically provided for each additional production step. Our special machines, built in perfect-fit for your plant, take care of precisely what you need.

tooldriver Software GmbH - mit uns in die Stahl-Industrie 4.0