We find the solution you need

Technical Consulting is our hobby horse. Working together with you, we find a solution for your requirements. We help you get an overview, and to start thinking today about future technical challenges – considering, for example, Industry 4.0.
Our consultation process is divided into the following phases, where we look at each step together and in close agreement:

  • Analysis phase: We check out the basic technical principles and thresh out the problem. This phase is particularly important, to ensure that it is the real problem that is actually solved.
  • Objective: This is where it is all about examining the production’s overall concept, the processes and the technical facility. Which ancillary conditions do we also need to be aware of? Where might similar problems possibly exist? If applicable, which problems should be approached jointly? Might this solution be the basis for further improvements?
  • Target setting: We develop ideas and look for technical solutions. A research into existing technical solutions and suppliers is also possible.
  • Outcome: A solution tailored to your facility – from draft ideas to specifications sheets.
We find the solution you need