Increase your productivity and improve your quality.

Designed for all long products starting with rounds, hexagon etc., CoolCheck is particularly useful for Rebar and threaded bars.

Based on the latest light section technology CoolCheck provide the highest accuracy and very detailed profiles of your product. You’ll see your products in 3D in a level of detail you never imagined.

CoolCheck is an integrated, fully automatic sample station. The measurement of rebar and also threaded bar is carried out fully automatically according to global standards.

Coolcheck Probenmessungen

CoolCheck measurement is

  • fast
  • reliable
  • user independent
  • highest accuracy

CoolCheck offers the possibility of a modern, automatic sample measurement.

The use of the latest light section technology results in an enormous added value and gives you a full 360° and 3D view of your material. The measurement results are significantly more detailed, efficient, reliable and highly precise.

Developed for all kind of long products, you can measure not only round material but also hexagon, rebar and threaded bars. Even with round material, the added value of the technology is enormous and leads to higher productivity and improved quality.

Measure rebar and threaded bars like you’ve never seen before!

2 to 4 rib rows are detected fully automatically. All needed parameters are calculated and displayed on the screen with a new level of accuracy. The relative rib area fR can be calculated using various international standards.

Coolcheck Materialien

CoolCheck – Welcome to the next level of productivity!

  • High throughput, fast measurement! Measurement of curved /bent material samples is possible.
  • Ensure the product quality! More details with higher accuracy!
  • Really user Independent measurement!
  • Fully documented process!
  • Full integration in process is possible!